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Chronic Headache Unit
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A greater majority of headaches are attributed to cervicogenic headaches, meaning that they are related to the neck in some form. Poor posture, stress, and other factors can contribute to weakness, strain, and injury to the neck muscles and joints. This pain radiates up into the scalp, side of the head, and even the forehead, depending on the area of the neck involved.


At your initial appointment, one of our highly trained physical therapists will conduct a physical evaluation and ask you questions about your health history and symptoms, in order to determine what type of headache you are experiencing and where the pain is stemming from.

Role of physiotherapy

Our treatments for headaches focus on relieving pain by improving posture, strengthening muscles in the neck and upper back and manual therapy such as mobilization, soft tissue release for neck muscles, and other techniques. These will all help in making your daily life much more comfortable and bearable – without the pain of headaches.