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Spine Rehabilitation Unit
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Has your neck pain become so intense that you’re having difficulty sleeping? The American Physical Therapy Association says as many as 30 percent of the adult population suffers from neck pain for at least part of every year. If the pain involves the nerves that extend throughout the body from your neck, it can be truly debilitating, resulting in pain in your shoulders, back, arms, and even in your hands.
Neck pain can also lead to frequent headaches. If neck pain is causing you to lose work or if you can no longer enjoy many of your favorite activities as a result, it’s time to think about working with our physical therapists and diagnostic specialists to improve your condition.


Hands-On Physical Therapy uses diagnostic methods to help determine the root cause of your pain, and which services you help resolve your pain or injury quickly. There are numerous benefits to diagnostic services to help discover the cause of your pain before we even treat you. For one, it saves you time and money!
Before we begin treating you, we are able to know what the problem is (and show you!). We can recognize sooner if this is a problem a physical therapist can help with, or if you require other medical services.

Role of physiotherapy

Physical therapy is one of the best methods for treating neck pain. Treatments for your neck pain will most likely include manual or “hands-on” therapy, which consists of special techniques designed to reduce the stiffness of your neck and improve its range of motion.
Our physical therapists will also provide you with targeted exercises that will strengthen, build, and improve the muscles and tissues in your neck. We will focus on improving your posture to aid in the recovery of your neck muscles, as well as avoiding re-injury in the future. Additional treatment services may include ice and heat therapy, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation, as our physical therapist deems fit.