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The term “sports injury” is all-encompassing, including any type of injury that occurs while performing athletic activity. It can happen just the same by lifting heavy weights
at the gym or running in ill-fitted shoes, as it can be swinging a bat too aggressively or rolling your ankle on the soccer field.
There are a number of different Sports Injuries that can occur while performing an athletic activity; however, the most common forms of sports injury include:

Strain or “pulled muscle.”

A strain also referred to as a “pulled muscle,” occurs when a tendon connecting your muscle to bone is stretched beyond its limits. Once the tendon is overstretched, it is more likely that it will be strained once again.


A sprain occurs when a ligament connecting one bone to another is stretched beyond its limits. Much like a strain, once a sprain occurs and a ligament is overstretched, it is more likely that it’ll occur again.

Common sports injuries:
Injuries to the shoulder such as a dislocated shoulder

injuries to the elbow including tennis elbow and golf elbow

Injuries to the knee such as torn ligaments


A physical therapist is well-qualified to examine your injury, weight the factors involved and administer treatment that is most likely to help you recover quickly so you can get back in the game.

Role of physiotherapy

Physical therapists are experts who can help you recover quickly and reach your physical goals. They will prescribe an individualized treatment plan for you based on your specific needs, in order to help get you back in the game as fast as possible. This will be done after first performing a diagnostic exam and the review of diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRI, or ultrasound. Treatment plans will take into account the nature of your injury, your fitness level, and your lifestyle.

Your plan will likely include:
manual therapy to increase your range of motion and reduce scar tissue, stretches to improve mobility, and strengthening exercises to enhance the injured area, as well as its surrounding areas. These are all done to help you recover after your sports injury and to prevent further injuries from occurring in the future.